When is Chinese New Year 2017 – What is 2017 Animal of the Year?

Chinese New Year is usually celebrated after a month from the original new year and it is one of the widely celebrated festivals across China. If you’re still wondering about When is Chinese New Year 2017..you’re here at the right place.

How do Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year 2017?

when is chinese new year 2017
Chinese have a reunion of family and friends over dinner and start the celebration of Chinese New Year in this way. The celebrations of Chinese New Year are huge and pompous.

Many exchange gifts on the 2017 chinese new year and wish each other with blessings for the year to come.

Why is Chinese New Year celebrated?

The Chinese New Year was celebrated by Chinese farmers to mark the beginning of new crops and wish for a good harvest in the season. The tradition has been continuing since years and the same is being carried forwarded by the current generation with Chinese new year celebrations getting grand every year.

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2017 Chinese New Year Animal

Every year, Chinese New year has an animal associated with it. Chinese New Year 2017 Animal is Rooster ie. a female bird.

Chinese New Year 2017 Animal: Rooster

Chinese New Year 2018 Animal: Dog


When is Chinese New Year 2017?

Chinese New Year 2017 Date: 28th January, 2017

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What do Chinese do on Chinese New Year 2017?

Gift Red Envelopes of Luck to friends

The Chinese gift beautiful red envelopes as chinese new year gifts to wish luck to the friends and spread happiness. The relationship is further bonded with dinner together.

Decorate buildings with Red color

The buildings are decorated with red charts, red caps and all decorative materials in red color celebrating chinese new year 2017. Various competitions are also held.

Bursting FireCrackersHappy Chinese New Year 2017

How can one celebrate new year without bursting crackers. The Chinese burst firecrackers to celebrate the new year. The sky is painted red with firecrackers rocking the former throughout the night. The celebrations are huge and huge crowd gathers around the key points in the city to celebrate this grand ocassion.

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Chinese pray with chinese verses on Chinese New Year 2017.

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